Toy Storage: Combining Strategy with Comfort

When it comes to children and toys, they go hand and hand. Getting children to put their things into toy storage bins on the other hand, not so much. I’m not sure if you have ever experienced the joy that comes with stepping on toys, Legos especially but I have and it is not so pleasurable. That being my number one reason why toy organizers are an amazing idea, it also teaches them how to be responsible while keeping things cute and decorative. There really isn’t a limit as to how far you can go with toy storage ideas.

Super-sized White Toy Organizer with 16 Colored Bins

Super-sized White Toy Organizer with 16 Colored Bins

This super-sized toy storage with 16 Colored Bins is great for random sets and miss-matched accessories and toys. You can purchase different colors to suit the gender of the child, along with different sized bins to accommodate whatever needs to be put inside them. If deciding to move this organizer, you can simply pick up both ends and carry it and everything in it from one destination to the next. This is also an organizing system for children to clean up messes independently as well.

Basket Multi-bin Storage Cubby

Basket Multi-bin Storage Cubby

Here’s a nice storage cubby that makes it nice to keep not only toys but books and other items neat and organized. This can hold everything from keep sakes and figurines to lamps, stuffed animals and blankets; the possibilities are endless. Being more durable to handle heavier items, it is made out of heavy wood to last years and years. Children could even play game boards or stand and read books on top of this toy storage bin.

Badger Basket Toy Bin

Badger Basket Toy Bin

If your looking for toy storage ideas that keep things clean and hidden away, the Badger Basket Toy Bin is the perfect idea. Everything is all put away in one large area with no time being spent, thinking how to sort certain things. Children could also sit on top of this between activities or while they sit and read a book. The top can also be used as a table to build things or play board games. With little ones, the fear of pinching their fingers always lingers but with safety hinges, that shouldn’t have to be a worry anymore.

Store-all Toy Organizer

Store-all Toy Organizer

With wheels on part of this is like having two organizers in one. The Store-all Toy Organizer makes clean up in large areas nice because you can roll the “box” around with you. Not only is this good for cleaning, but this way you don’t have to lift a heavy box of toys and carry it from room to room. The top part of the storage unit holds more frequently used items so they’re ready for use faster. The different colored Bins are also good for children learning their colors and how to sort them. With certain wants and needs from both the child and adult, many toy storage ideas can come into play.

Man Cave Ideas with Style

A man cave is a man’s own personal space in the house the represents him and all that he enjoys including gaming, building with tools, watching his favorite movies or just relaxing. It’s a place where he can go to forget his everyday problems and focus on his hobbies without bothering his family or significant other. It is a space in the house made by men and set up only for things that he loves. These stylish man cave ideas will help you design your very own getaway space.

Tools on the Wall

Some men may work in a garage for a living and want it to be known that they are proud of what they do. But even if a guy doesn’t work in a garage but simply love getting his hands dirty, this man cave decoration is still a great choice. You can show that you love using tools and can get the job done.

Using Heavy Machinery Adds Character

Nothing really represents man caves more than motorcycles and heavy machinery. The motorcycle in particular represents a freedom on the open road, with the man in control and enjoying the wind in their face as they speed along down an open highway. That’s how a man likes to roll, comfortably and knowing that they have control of the situation without a worry in the world. This is why the motorcycle is a perfect design element for man cave.

Gaming in the Man Cave

There are a lot guys who have their personal space set up for gaming. When coming up with man cave ideas they have memories of an old arcade that they used to visit when they were younger and that is the vision they have when setting up their design. They want to create a room that takes them back to that arcade with all the fun they used to have when playing those video games and losing all those quarters.

Having a Man Cave is About Relaxation and Enjoyment

The main goal of having a man cave has always been about enjoyment. Having a large screen television is usually one of the highest priorities on a guy’s list of man cave ideas so that friends can come over and watch the big game without having to worry about their ladies getting in the way.

Where to find more ideas?

Get The Kids’ Spidey Senses Tingling With Spiderman Toys!

Spiderman toys offers the hero for virtually any storyline, regardless of who one other toys in the lineup are! Incorporate some plastic green army men? Spiderman can help them defeat your giant plastic T-Rex in a cinch. Legos? Someone has to go up that skyscraper! Even great and terrible sock monkey lurking in the back of your little one’s closet doesn’t stand a possibility contrary to the Amazing Spiderman, making them a toy box necessity. A Spiderman toy is the perfect stocking stuffer, present, or report card reward which is bound to bring hours of adventures. Spiderman provides your children with all the current spider they can possibly want, though a suitable number of legs, producing way less terrifying. This means you do not possess to panic if your little one leaves their toy hiding behind the refrigerator.

Though many parents aren’t too keen on plastic spiders within their kids’ stocking or being a birthday present, kids and fogeys both love Spiderman toys! Created in the 1960s, Spiderman is a huge hit among kids from the beginning. We all can relate with his very human past and his struggles, many of us admire his heroism and the exciting adventures, and naturally, we would be thrilled to identify a Spiderman toy within our gift boxes at Christmas or on the birthdays. Desire may be bitten by the radioactive spider and lived to contribute to our adventures for decades? Nobody else could fight the pin Goblin again and again?

One of many coolest toys available on the market is Hasbro’s Spiderman Hero FX Glove, which turns your child right into a web-slinging superhero within seconds! Your son or daughter is definitely running at home pretending to shoot webs using their wrist, so this is a must-have toy to take up a notch. This awesome glove comes with an adjustable velcro strap, which you can tighten in order that it won’t disappear during active play– which can be good, because children will run around fighting crime for a long time after they make this happen glove on. Your youngster can move hand around the same as Spiderman for awesome web-slinging sound files that may delight and amaze them. This toy can be resilient, meaning it might withstand whatever your kids (even those int he terrible twos) can throw advertising online, making for many uninterrupted play that youngsters will like. Don’t be surprised if you realise your youngster wearing the Spiderman Hero FX Glove to bed!

Yet another excellent toy is, naturally, the Spider-Car Pursuit set by LEGO. This set comes with both Spiderman and Venom figures, providing your son or daughter using the perfect enemy to address against for long periods of time. In Spiderman’s arsenal is his Spider-Car with awesome flames, chunky tires and kid-friendly assembling instructions, along with a spiderweb capture the elusive Venom! Venom includes his infamous black whips, creating this a fantastic, dangerous adventure for Spiderman! Because is part of the LEGO Juniors line, it is perfect for children who still might find products created for teenagers to become tough to assemble. This toy makes an excellent starter for just about any young kid that’s just stepping into legos and can be a little intimidated by all the pieces necessary to assemble a motor vehicle in other sets.

Awesome Batman Toys You Should Get

Bob Kane probably would have never imagined that his superhero he made in 1939 is now global cultural icon. That superhero is none other than batman. The current batman we know is dressed in a cowl with horn-like projections, black cape, black suit and utility belt. On his chest is the bat symbol. You can get his replicas in the form of batman toys.

Any cultural icon enjoys large fan following. Merchandise like comic books, DVD sets, downloadable media content and of course, toys sell like hotcakes! With the success of Warner Bro’s latest Batman trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), has cemented the fact that Bob Kane’s creation will continue to shine in the coming years ahead. This creates confidence among toy makers to produce more batman figures and accessories in the market.

Toys are not just for play. They can be your proud possessions as an avid fan of the batman franchise. And toys can be made creative and more enjoyable. For example, the Mattel DC Comics Batman actions figure. Standing at 12 inches, children of all ages (including adult “kids’) will love owning one. The cowl, cape, gloves and boots are colored blue. The rest of his suit is shining grey. His belt is yellow. Of course the black bat insignia is right there on his chest surrounded by a yellow lining. Mattel’s batman has movable limbs that you can change his positions other than the static standing pose.

Next in line of “modified” batman toys is the LEGO Super Heroes 76011: Batman: Man-Bat Attack. Not a single figure toy, but a bat set. Here LEGO batman is not alone. He got Nightwing, Man-Bat and Batcopter along for the ride. Kids can now set up a battle scene where the Dark Knight rides his Batcopter for an air chase with the enemy, Man-Bat. And there’s Nightwing equipped with his glider to help stop the enemy from escaping. Weapons are also included in this LEGO toy set: the Batarang, dynamites for Man-Bat and missiles for the Batcopter. Oh, don’t forget that there’s a rope with a hook coming out of the Batcopter’s rear.

Finally the cute, mini-size POP! Vinyl Batman Heroes Figure. This is something you want other than the typical serious batman. If you love cute things, then this thing is gold! Measuring at three and three-fourths inches tall, you can put it anywhere — in your closet, table or inside your pocket. The look has this anime-like effect: Head larger than the body with two white circles as eyes. Batman’s cowl, gloves, cape, briefs, boots and bat symbol are smooth black. The utility belt is yellow and the rest of the suit is light grey. This toy might impress young girls and older women too.

So you see how these batman toys are like art — giving you creative ways to enjoy them.

Some ASUS laptops are really not for gaming

ASUS, more formally known as ASUSTeK, is a premium electronics manufacturer founded in 1989 in Taipei, China. ASUS has been known for its ability to pull off niche markets, being the first computer company to market a netbook, the Eee PC. Also being one of the first to jump on the tablet market, ASUS has a line of convertible Android tablets and Windows 8 tablets.

ASUS Zenbook

ASUS has Released its new Zenbook UX301LA, an ultra-thin ultrabook boasting Intel’s 4th generation i7 And a 13.3 inch Corning Gorilla Glass touch Display with IPS quad hd technology. The new Zenbook also brings Dual Solid State Disk drives to the table, each with 256GB of space, configured in a RAID 0 configuration for incredibly fast data rates and 512GB of storage. This machine has a lot to give, especially for the multimedia enthusiast. As far as ultrabooks go, this is one of the best. It also sports Instant on technology, allowing windows to start in a flash, two usb 3.0 ports, and integrated ASUS cloud storage service.

The Down Side

As all ultrabooks go, portability means smaller battery, which ultimately means you shouldn’t leave home without a charger. with that sophisticated intel i7 processor and the bright and beautiful IPS display, day-long excursions are not possible without a booster charge. All the compact convenience of the zenbook also means that you are sacrificing a physical media drive, so if CDs and DVDs are your thing, the Zenbook is not for you. The Zenbook also does not have a dedicated graphics system, instead relying on intels Iris chipset, which is barely on par with many lower end dedicated graphics cards.

The Bottom Line

The Zenbook is an all around great performer, and with the new “Super Hybrid Engine II” You will be able to milk out extra juice from that tiny battery, and the tiny form factor and ultra light weight makes it super easy to carry with you everywhere. But without a disk drive, and a meager two usb ports, this machine won’t be replacing your desktop anytime soon. But if an ultralight, ultra mobile workstation with power to boot is what you need, then look no further than this tiny ASUS ultrabook.

The best shoulder tattoos for men

Shoulder tattoos for men are a common sight. Tattoos have become personalized and are used to make a statement. Shoulders are a perfect spot for tattooing because they have more space and can be hidden when the need arises. Most people choose their own tattoo designs while others let the tattoo artists choose for them. There is a wide array of designs to choose from so this is not an easy choice to make. However, if you want to get the perfect tattoo for your shoulder, you should know all the available options. They include:

Tribal tattoos

These are the most popular shoulder tattoos for men. Traditionally, the designs included symbols of dragons, wolves and tigers. The sheer vastness of a tattoo should dictate its placement. For instance, dragon tattoos can span your back from shoulder to shoulder. The shoulders provide a wide canvas for bigger tattoos but small ones can also be inked there.

Portrait tattoos

These can be taken directly from photographs. They are mostly sentimental because people get them to remember loved ones. The shoulders are an ideal location for sentimental portrait tattoos meant for your eyes only. You only have to expose them if you want to. Otherwise, nobody else has to know they exist.

Nautical star tattoos

These are 5 point stars that are filled with different colors once the star points are split into two. Nautical star tattoos originate from sailors back in the 1700s. They are masculine and attractive. If you want to make your shoulder tattoo stand out more, choose colors that go well with your skin.

Phoenix tattoos

Some people get phoenix tattoos without understanding the meaning behind them. According to legends, a phoenix is a mystic bird that represents rebirth and immortality. You can get this tattoo to signify a new beginning. The phoenix can be designed to occupy a small space on your shoulder or your whole back; from shoulder to tailbone. The size is up to you.

Chinese character tattoos

These are a common choice when it comes to shoulder tattoos for men. Chinese characters are mysterious and therefore interesting when tattooed on the skin. These tattoos make for interesting conversation starters because people will always be curious about their meaning.

Shoulder tattoos can be extended to the arms and back. Therefore, the shoulder is a good starting point for a tattoo novice. Once you pick out your design, visit a proficient artist to get it done.