Awesome Batman Toys You Should Get

Bob Kane probably would have never imagined that his superhero he made in 1939 is now global cultural icon. That superhero is none other than batman. The current batman we know is dressed in a cowl with horn-like projections, black cape, black suit and utility belt. On his chest is the bat symbol. You can get his replicas in the form of batman toys.

Any cultural icon enjoys large fan following. Merchandise like comic books, DVD sets, downloadable media content and of course, toys sell like hotcakes! With the success of Warner Bro’s latest Batman trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), has cemented the fact that Bob Kane’s creation will continue to shine in the coming years ahead. This creates confidence among toy makers to produce more batman figures and accessories in the market.

Toys are not just for play. They can be your proud possessions as an avid fan of the batman franchise. And toys can be made creative and more enjoyable. For example, the Mattel DC Comics Batman actions figure. Standing at 12 inches, children of all ages (including adult “kids’) will love owning one. The cowl, cape, gloves and boots are colored blue. The rest of his suit is shining grey. His belt is yellow. Of course the black bat insignia is right there on his chest surrounded by a yellow lining. Mattel’s batman has movable limbs that you can change his positions other than the static standing pose.

Next in line of “modified” batman toys is the LEGO Super Heroes 76011: Batman: Man-Bat Attack. Not a single figure toy, but a bat set. Here LEGO batman is not alone. He got Nightwing, Man-Bat and Batcopter along for the ride. Kids can now set up a battle scene where the Dark Knight rides his Batcopter for an air chase with the enemy, Man-Bat. And there’s Nightwing equipped with his glider to help stop the enemy from escaping. Weapons are also included in this LEGO toy set: the Batarang, dynamites for Man-Bat and missiles for the Batcopter. Oh, don’t forget that there’s a rope with a hook coming out of the Batcopter’s rear.

Finally the cute, mini-size POP! Vinyl Batman Heroes Figure. This is something you want other than the typical serious batman. If you love cute things, then this thing is gold! Measuring at three and three-fourths inches tall, you can put it anywhere — in your closet, table or inside your pocket. The look has this anime-like effect: Head larger than the body with two white circles as eyes. Batman’s cowl, gloves, cape, briefs, boots and bat symbol are smooth black. The utility belt is yellow and the rest of the suit is light grey. This toy might impress young girls and older women too.

So you see how these batman toys are like art — giving you creative ways to enjoy them.