Some ASUS laptops are really not for gaming

ASUS, more formally known as ASUSTeK, is a premium electronics manufacturer founded in 1989 in Taipei, China. ASUS has been known for its ability to pull off niche markets, being the first computer company to market a netbook, the Eee PC. Also being one of the first to jump on the tablet market, ASUS has a line of convertible Android tablets and Windows 8 tablets.

ASUS Zenbook

ASUS has Released its new Zenbook UX301LA, an ultra-thin ultrabook boasting Intel’s 4th generation i7 And a 13.3 inch Corning Gorilla Glass touch Display with IPS quad hd technology. The new Zenbook also brings Dual Solid State Disk drives to the table, each with 256GB of space, configured in a RAID 0 configuration for incredibly fast data rates and 512GB of storage. This machine has a lot to give, especially for the multimedia enthusiast. As far as ultrabooks go, this is one of the best. It also sports Instant on technology, allowing windows to start in a flash, two usb 3.0 ports, and integrated ASUS cloud storage service.

The Down Side

As all ultrabooks go, portability means smaller battery, which ultimately means you shouldn’t leave home without a charger. with that sophisticated intel i7 processor and the bright and beautiful IPS display, day-long excursions are not possible without a booster charge. All the compact convenience of the zenbook also means that you are sacrificing a physical media drive, so if CDs and DVDs are your thing, the Zenbook is not for you. The Zenbook also does not have a dedicated graphics system, instead relying on intels Iris chipset, which is barely on par with many lower end dedicated graphics cards.

The Bottom Line

The Zenbook is an all around great performer, and with the new “Super Hybrid Engine II” You will be able to milk out extra juice from that tiny battery, and the tiny form factor and ultra light weight makes it super easy to carry with you everywhere. But without a disk drive, and a meager two usb ports, this machine won’t be replacing your desktop anytime soon. But if an ultralight, ultra mobile workstation with power to boot is what you need, then look no further than this tiny ASUS ultrabook.