The best shoulder tattoos for men

Shoulder tattoos for men are a common sight. Tattoos have become personalized and are used to make a statement. Shoulders are a perfect spot for tattooing because they have more space and can be hidden when the need arises. Most people choose their own tattoo designs while others let the tattoo artists choose for them. There is a wide array of designs to choose from so this is not an easy choice to make. However, if you want to get the perfect tattoo for your shoulder, you should know all the available options. They include:

Tribal tattoos

These are the most popular shoulder tattoos for men. Traditionally, the designs included symbols of dragons, wolves and tigers. The sheer vastness of a tattoo should dictate its placement. For instance, dragon tattoos can span your back from shoulder to shoulder. The shoulders provide a wide canvas for bigger tattoos but small ones can also be inked there.

Portrait tattoos

These can be taken directly from photographs. They are mostly sentimental because people get them to remember loved ones. The shoulders are an ideal location for sentimental portrait tattoos meant for your eyes only. You only have to expose them if you want to. Otherwise, nobody else has to know they exist.

Nautical star tattoos

These are 5 point stars that are filled with different colors once the star points are split into two. Nautical star tattoos originate from sailors back in the 1700s. They are masculine and attractive. If you want to make your shoulder tattoo stand out more, choose colors that go well with your skin.

Phoenix tattoos

Some people get phoenix tattoos without understanding the meaning behind them. According to legends, a phoenix is a mystic bird that represents rebirth and immortality. You can get this tattoo to signify a new beginning. The phoenix can be designed to occupy a small space on your shoulder or your whole back; from shoulder to tailbone. The size is up to you.

Chinese character tattoos

These are a common choice when it comes to shoulder tattoos for men. Chinese characters are mysterious and therefore interesting when tattooed on the skin. These tattoos make for interesting conversation starters because people will always be curious about their meaning.

Shoulder tattoos can be extended to the arms and back. Therefore, the shoulder is a good starting point for a tattoo novice. Once you pick out your design, visit a proficient artist to get it done.